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  • Reach: The Miraculous

    Everything Jesus did went against the culture of his time, especially the miraculous. The world had never been exposed to all that Jesus taught and did.  A miracle is not just a miracle; it is a battering ram that knocked down the doors of unbelief and opened the potential of belief. Download the notes: 20180121_Reach_notes

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  • Adore: Let Us Adore

    We wrap up our Adore Christmas series with a culmination of everything we’ve been talking about this month. Like everyone who showed up to honour and worship our Savior, we will spend Christmas Eve in adoration of the one who came to save us. Download the notes: 20171224_Adore_Let Us Adore_notes

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  • Adore: Unspeakable joy

    Christmas is not only a season of giving, but it should also be a season of joy. When the angels announced the birth of a Savior, they brought good tidings of great joy. As we look at the unspeakable joy our Messiah has brought to this earth, we hope you will find a message to […]

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  • Mustard Seeds

    Of all the illustrations Jesus used, those regarding agriculture outnumbered the rest. Today we’re looking at mustard seeds. Those tiny grains with unbelievable potential. We’re taking a look at our faith and how our understanding of the Holy Spirit can help it grow like the mustard seed. Download the notes: 20171126_Mustard Seeds_notes

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  • A Question of Duty

    Few people are inclined to work without tangible compensation. The words duty and responsibility have become dirty and offensive. Yet, as Christians, we have a holy duty, a calling to do more with our lives than just live for our own pleasure and benefit. Join us this week as we answer a question of duty. […]

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  • Authority

    We all have a measure of God-given authority, but how we use it can have a drastic affect on the Kingdom of God. We have the choice to either try to use our authority for control or to bring about healing. Do you attract people or do you repel them with how you use your […]

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  • Victory is Ours

    There’s an old hymn that describes our position through a relationship with Jesus. It’s called Victory In Jesus and its lyrics describe His message to us. We’re plunging into what it really means to have an obtain victory in Jesus. Download the notes: 201701008_Victory is Ours_notes

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  • Good News

    In a world full of news, good news is rare. We are always being bombarded with devastating and controversial reports. Bad news can have a dramatic negative effect on us. But it’s a good thing we have some Good News! And we’re sharing it. This weekend is a special one marking our 2nd Annual Reach293 event. […]

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  • Benchmarks

    Benchmarks are a point of reference—the point of reference from which every other measurement is taken. The success or failure of our Christian life is determined by a series of benchmarks. Our benchmarks are those times that we made a decision about something. Take a look at the message notes to discover more about benchmarks in […]